Guaranteed Rent Essex

Space Apartments offers luxurious serviced apartments throughout Essex and London. We provide landlords of recently refurbished flats and apartments with guaranteed rent for as little as one year to as long as five years. Leasing your property to us saves you hassle and money. It means the costs of eviction, tenant finding, and letting agent fees and commissions, rent arrears, and tenancy renewal disappear, and your profits skyrocket. Your property would be used for service accommodation; it’s kept in top condition with regular housekeeping, which is impossible with rental guarantees with letting agents.

What is Guaranteed Rent?

Guaranteed Rent is also known as Rent-to-Rent. It’s a scheme that allows you as a landlord to let their property to us and be guaranteed rent for a set period. The scheme works when landlords allow their property to be let out by the renter, us, to others like companies, business travellers and holidaymakers.

Benefits of Guaranteed Rent for Essex and London Landlords

We know that landlords profit margins are tighter than ever after a series of recent legislative changes. With lots of costs involved in leasing a property, margins are even smaller. However, being a landlord becomes increasingly attractive with our guarantee rent scheme.


  • There are no void periods and costs to you;
  • Rent will be paid every month, in total, for the duration of the contract.
  • 0% management fee to letting agents or
  • Listing costs, if you were to manage yourself.
  • Only deal with one great tenant for the contract duration, us.
  • We pay all the bills, including water and electricity.
  • Your property will be returned in the same condition.
  • Weekly housekeeping and inspections.

Now is Better than Ever for Guaranteed Rent with Space Apartments

There are over 1,100 apartments and flats available to rent on Rightmove alone in Essex, but many letting agents offer guaranteed rent in Essex and add it to the list. They are competing in a crowded space. However, we show your property to a completely different market that’s unsaturated, which means we’ll always have it filled and pay your rent.

Is Your Property Right for Us?

  • Is your property a flat/apartment?
  • Was your flat/apartment recently refurbished to a high specification?
  • Does your property have fixed and working smoke alarms?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?
  • Is there a CO2 detector within 10 metres of the boiler?
  • Are there window restrictions for properties on the first floor or higher?
  • Is there a heat detector in the kitchen connected to the central electrics?
If you answered “yes” to these questions, then get in touch by calling 0800 193 8585 or by emailing